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About Insane…

Insane Marine Electronics is one of the top and most respected auto accessory stores in the state of Maryland. We are the leader in the Mid-Atlantic for marine electronics and navigation. We are centrally located in Annapolis, Maryland, which provides convenience customers in both the Baltimore and Washington D.C suburbs.

At Insane Marine Electronics we carry every car accessory need that you will need. We have all the top brands in the industry for GPS navigation systems, subwoofers, radar, audio, video and MORE!

video_screenshotAt Insane Marine Electronics our only focus is on car audio and accessories. We do not sell fridges, televisions, ovens, or vacuums. We are strictly audio and security EXPERTS! Our staff is one hundred percent qualified to educate you on every item we sell. We also will install car alarms and security on your vehicle. Stop by our Annapolis location to see why we are the best car audio & installation shop in Maryland.

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